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Dry Epidermis And Hair TECHNIQUES FOR Winter
22.09.2017 11:32

If you've scrolled through Instagram at all this summer, you might have considered dyeing nice hair either turquoise or multi-coloured. I am here to offer tips how to care for flowing hair after dyeing it. I am by no means professional but I made this account as a beauty blog but lately I'm posting more guidelines and Korean related than beauty & fashion personal blogs. These pointers were originally from my friends especially Jewel, thank you for letting me know these tips and my locks rocks ! as it is and my hair color became more pigmented (idk in the event that's the word for this).taking care of relaxed hair in braids
If your locks is dry, it's wise to clean it less frequently. Some people only need to wash their head of hair once a week - and that is fine. Many people who have curly hair likewise have dry scalp. Curly and dried up head of hair types are usually more fragile than straight hair, so you need to be especially careful about using warmth styling products. Shampoos made for dry mane and locks conditioners can help.
I agree with you, the minimal you relax your hair the longer nice hair grows. I used to relax my mane on a monthly basis and I realised it was not going anywhere until I made a decision to relax after three months. The 1st month I let my mane be no plaits just treatment every two weeks; 2nd month maybe do conrows then your 3rd month I change the hair, maybe weave. I use Mizani and it works for me personally.
When there is one thing head of hair dye does indeed to your important tresses, it's subject matter those to highly focused chemicals. Let's face it, if we dye our scalp, we could doing quite a bit of damage to the cuticles. The key to maintaining mane health and vibrancy post-colouring is to reverse the harm already done, as well as protect the strands by using fitness products and serums. There are various ways we can look after bleached and dyed scalp , from using colour-prolonging products to training sensible hair attention techniques.
Pre-wash the mane under the cool water letting this flow in the same path as the head of hair. Pass on a dash of individuals hair shampoo (ellen wille - pure) on the palm of your hands and evenly work into the hair from platform to tips. Soak for 10 - quarter-hour and then remove from the solution and rinse extensively. After cleansing we recommend following treatment with ellen wille balm. Please duplicate the aforementioned steps again rins carefully.


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